Saturday 27 April 2013

10 razones para aprender ingles

Ten reasons to learn English

Seven billion people now reside on our earth and according to the Harvard Business Review, one in every four of them speak English at a useful level.  Are you one of them?  If not, here are ten reasons to start learning English now!!

1. Most popular language. According to, there are 196 countries in the world.  Of those countries, over a quarter of them have established English as their official national language.

 2. Official language. English is one of the official languages for both The United Nations and The League of Nations.

3- Travel around the world. 

4. Teaching others. Once you learn English you can start giving English lessons, which would increase your income.

5. Getting good grades.  Many colleges and universities require students to take English as a second language. 

6. Turning off subtitles.  When watching movies in English, you will no longer need to sit close enough to read the subtitles.  You can just turn them off.

7. Providing a better future for your family. In many countries, being able to speak English allows you access to better  jobs.

8. Becoming more independent.  If you have a good command of English, then you won’t need to rely on someone else to tell you the ingredients in food products, what the assembly directions say, or even to translate letters or newsprint from English. You will be able to do it yourself.

9. Helping the tourism in your area. Many countries are beginning to understand the importance of having a good command of the English language. 

10. Meeting the minimum standards for your career position.   So not having good English language skills can keep you from advancing in your career, but it can also cost you your job.

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