Thursday 27 November 2014

Blog entry: on holidays!

2ºA students are visiting different cities where English is spoken and they are writing entries for a blog. They are visitng New York, Glasgow and Liverpool.

Have a look at their work, don't you want to travel too?


  1. Hi, my name is Daniel 2-A ESO

    Tomorow my family and i are going to Glasgow.
    we are arriving in Glasgow at nine o'clock.
    Today we're going to eat in the restaurant.
    Today i'm going to visit the lake.
    The lake is very large.
    Today my family and i are going to the mos important river of Glasgow.

  2. Hi I´m Carla From 2ºA ESO

    Hi i am in Glasgow with my parent´s and my brother´s , it is a very big city and beautiful,It is a city and municipality in scotland.
    I visited the university of glasgow it was very nice and big .

    Inside it is very beautiful and very large.
    Today have vsited George Scuare.
    Now we go to the hotel to prepare the case for the return trip.

  3. I am África:
    -I don’t like it must.
    -In the leaflet it says it was built in the XII century and it is made of stone.
    -I’m bored.
    -I love it, because it is full of plants.
    -Then we’re going to have dinner.
    -I’m very tired but I have power.
    -They have shown us five pavilions were they make events.
    -After that we’re going to lake Lomond, it is super great.

  4. I,m going with my grandparents and my father and my mum , but my cousins aren,t going because they have a birthday party in Spain . This port is very famous in Glasgow because it is an important commercial port . I,m riding on a boat on the river . In evening my grandfather and me are going to see a rugby match , this sport is very interesting but it is very aggressive too . Today my family and I are going to the lakes that connect to the sea .
    I,m eating chocolate cake on the lakeside and my parents are fishing in the lake. I,m not very good at fishing but I,m trying to catch something . I,m fishing trousers , my grandfather is laughing an I,m laughing too .

    Alejandro Crespo 2 A

  5. - This morning, we're walking along the River Mersey
    - It's in Albert Dock
    - I'm sad because it's the last day that we're going to stay here

  6. I´m Marina from 2ºA.
    It is the first day of our holiday.
    Our hotel is in the centre and it is very good.
    There are a lot of ships there.

  7. We arrived by plane at Glasgow airport.
    Today, we're visiting the ghotic cathedral.
    That was built in the twelft century.
    He is from Glasgow and he is guiding us.
    We are having a good time walking around Glasgow.
    We're looking at the most popular shops.
    The most original buildings in Glasgow were designed by the famous Scotish architect.
    Many Nobel prizes studied here.

  8. I am Brisa from 2A ESO
    Overlooking the Statue of Liberty and It is next to the Empire State Building
    Later I am going to Central Park
    Today I am going with my family to the Statue of Liberty
    It has been the best experience of my life

  9. Hi I’m Camila
    -My sister and I are coming to Liverpool, we are very happy.
    -We are getting at 5:30 am.
    -Now we’re coming at The Cavern Club this is the most famous club in the world because there a part of the histoty of music of The Batles began.
    -It is 15.00 pm and we are at the great cathedral of Liverpool it is very big and very nice.
    -And it is night and i am going to Royal Albert Dock. I have been told that at night it is very beautiful because it is very bright.
    -Here we are buying many souvenirs and visiting all stores.

  10. I am Itziar:
    -Today is the first day.
    -I am in New York and it is incredible.
    -The first thing is going to the Statue of Liberty.
    -I´m going the cathedral of St. Patrick´s it is fantastic, it is very beatiful.
    -Today I´m going with my family .
    -We´re going to central park and we´re are visiting the Empire State building.
    -We´re going to the airport.
    - My family and I are sad, bye bye New York.

  11. Hi I´m Javier Torres from 2º A
    Just arrived in New York
    It is very big
    I’m going to Times Square and it is very beautiful
    I’m on a tour around New York and its neighbourhoods

  12. Hey I´m Daniela
    -The first day of my holiday
    -My family and I
    -That it is the most lively part of New York

  13. Hi I´m Iván Quintana from 2ªA
    Today we´re riding bike s along the Kelvingrove park and I can see a deer.
    He loves hunting in my village . My brother isnt´t here he is fishing wit h my cousin in the lake, They are fishing.
    My brother isn´t like the party but my cousin likes the party so much.
    I´m have a headache because we are camping outdoors and tonigh it´s very cold .

  14. Hi! I´m Cristina De Juan
    -I´m going to see
    -We´re seeing the stadium of Liverpool
    -Loves the Liverpool team and it is his dream
    -Of the beatles that are one of the most important
    -My favourite the songs by the beatles is "yesterday"
    -when we finish that visit of the museum
    -Because we don´t like

  15. Hey I'm Andrea Márquez from 2°A
    This afternoon I am arriving in Liverpool.
    We' re arriving at our hotel after a long walk, what I can see in my way is impressing me as: The Cavern Club.
    We are seeing the Beatles history. Whe see a towering building in one of the highest floors there is a restaurant and with a beatiful view of Liverpool, my mother wanted to go shopping in Liverpool and there are large shopping streets.
    The people are so friendly...
    It is a very good visit because...
    We learned a lot of things about Liverpool and sadly the trip is ending.
    I would happy to stay a few more days.

  16. Hi:
    -It is very big.
    -It is empty.
    -The liverbirds is the symbol of Liverpool.
    -Cavern Club.
    -The Beatles started playing.
    -I´m going to Anfield.