Monday 7 December 2015

Thanksgiving by 3ºA

3A students have researched and studied some of the aspects about the festivity of Thanksgiving, celebrated in th USA, and this is the result. They've done a very good work and there is a video recorded by some students. Great work!!!

And this is their VIDEO from New York


  1. Hi! My name is Larisa.
    All the PowerPoints are amazing.
    I like the video of Catalina,Daniela,Cadarso and Miguel,they did a good job.

  2. Hello my name is Alejandro Crespo of 3A . I love this activity of thanksgiving because is a speciall work what you make with the classmates and the friends in addition we discoverede the new traditions and the costumes of Thanksgiving Day ! . Tis party is aincredible and funny day of the world

  3. Hi! I'm África from 3ºA. My powerpoint is the football on thanksgiving. I love all the powerpoints. And the video of thanksgiving day is so recommendable.

  4. Hello! I´m Laura from 3ºA. My powerpoint is the football on thanksgiving. The video of Daniela, Catalina,Javier and Miguel is very funny.

  5. Hi! I´m Daniela from 3ºA. I like all the powerpoints because they are funny and original. This activity was very interested,we learnt a lot of things of Thanksgiving day.

  6. Hi! I think that is very important to know about the foreigner’s celebrations, because they are an important part of the World’s culture.
    All the works are fantastic and tell thinks very interesting. But, our video is very funny and I recommended to see it.