Tuesday 7 February 2017

My favourite recipe

Students from 2nd have written out their favourite recipes. Using the Writing plan in the book: name the recipe, write a list of the ingredients, describe the method and include a tip. The result is this recipe book!


  1. Hello I´m Alisan from 2ºA.
    I like this recipe becouse it´s easy to do it and delicious.

  2. My favourite recipe is "STRAWBWERY AND CARROTS JUICE" this is one of the bests recipes. It's so original and I have make make this.

  3. Hi! My name is Fernando Mendoza.
    I think the cupcakes' recipe is the best recipe, because it isn't a difficult recipe. I think it´s too easy, you don´t need much time and it´s delicious.

  4. Hi I am Marina Calleja from 2°A.
    My favourite recipe is the brownie because I'm not a good cooker but I think that I don't need much time to do this and is very easy. I like this recipe because it has chocolate and I love the chocolate.

  5. Hi!My name is Mari Jose.
    I think the cupcakes is the best recipe becouse is delicious.

  6. In my opinion the biscuits seems easy to make but muffins are easier and look better

    Rebeca Terroba

  7. Hello I´m Ricardo del Pueyo from 2ºA.
    I think the salad is the best recipe becouse is healthy and easy to make.

  8. Hi! I am Ángela Santamaria from 2º A-ESO.
    In my opinion salad is my favourite recipe because it´s very healthy and easy to cook, you only have to mix all the ingredients you want to eat like: apple, tomato, onion...

  9. Hello I'm Paula from 2A and my favorite recipe have been the cupcakes because I cooked them and the truth that they know me very good and siemore look good

  10. Hello I'm Andriele from 2A and my favorite recipe is the salad because I do not have to cook too much, it tastes great and it's very practical.

  11. hello I am Nerea of 2ºA-ESO.
    In my opinion I like more the recipes of the cupcakes because they are delicius and you can decorate them as you want.

  12. Hi! I'm Alba Ortega from 2A.
    My favorite recipe is cupcakes because are really good.
    There are very dificult but I think I can do it.
    I like because I can decoreted too.

  13. Hi I'm Unai from 2A.
    I think the best recipe is the cupcakes because I love cupcakes!
    But I like all the recipes.

  14. Hello! My name is Fernando Rojas
    I think the cupcakes recipe is the best recipe, because it's not a difficult recipe, it's my opinion because I get burned, and the recipe has been the strawberry and carrot juice because it is faster Do not like the cupcakes because you need a lot of time to prepare them.

  15. Hi I'm Iker form 2A.
    I think the best for me is the cupcakes because I like it and is easy to do

  16. Hi I'm Brian form 2A
    The recipe that I liked most has been the cupcakes because it is easy to do and is very rich

  17. Hi I'm Javier barrios from 2A
    I think the best recipe for me is the salad because it's fit , healthy and easy to do.

  18. Hi I´m Luis Pérez from 2A.
    I think the best recipe is the chocolate browne becouse I like it a lot.

  19. Hi I'm Alisson paiba from 2A
    I think the best recipe is the cupcakes because I love the chocolate and it is easy to do.