Tuesday 14 March 2017

Big Challenge May 2017

New edition of the English contest-game Big Challenge and as we have been doing for a few years in May a group of Secondary students are going to participate in this contest. 

The Big Challenge is aimed to all students of secondary education and consists of a test- type questionnaire. In 45 minutes students have to answer a total of 45 questions about grammar, vocabulary, phonetics and civilization.

The students who are participating are practising with the training quiz on line; hopeful, motivated and enthusiastic, the participants are involved in the game and therefore in learning English. 
The contest this year is on May 4th and we hope our students do as well as in previous editions, in which they had very high marks and good prizes.

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  1. I´m Elena from 2º ESO. I like this challenge so much, it is interesting. And you learn a lot of things.