Thursday 13 September 2018

Back to School

Welcome to the new school year 2018-19. We are very happy to be here in Salesianos Los Boscos again and ready to start and learn a lot. We have asked the students to give their opinions and impressions about the school, subjects and teachers.

Read their comments and see if you agree or disagree with them.


  1. Hello! I am Paula, from 2A.
    I liked return to school because I see my friends.
    I like the teachers this year, I don´t have a favourite teacher in this moment.
    My favourite subjects are science and music.

  2. Hello, I´m Alicia, from 2A.
    My favourite teacher is Maria, becouse she explic very well the class.
    My favourite subjet its maths,becouse I understand it.

  3. Hello I am Nayara of 2A
    My impression of this new school year is really good . I like a lot of subjects like : Language , Music , Phisical Education... But my favourite is English , becouse I thing that it is very interesting subject.This year I have a lot of new teachers but my favourite is Daniel becouse he is very funny and he explains very well.

  4. I'm Miguel Angel and my favourite teacher is Maria , and my favourite subject is religion . bye

  5. Hi, i'm Mariana Osorio Ruiz from 2ºA
    When i met the teachers i saw that everyone is very kind and helps in everything we need like my classmates, my favorite teacher is María and my favorite class is music

  6. Hello! My name is Estefanía.
    My first day of school was good but the school year is difficult and the teachers are really strict. This year my favourite subject is science and my favourite teacher is Ana.

  7. Hello, I'm Aitana Escudero from 2A ESO.
    My first day of school was good.My favourite teacher is Montse,because she explains really well,but at the same time she gives too much homework.My teacher of music is called Daniel,he is so funny.
    I hope that this year is going to be easy.

  8. Hello i´m Denia,and I started 2ºA,and this year I have some new subjects like:music and physics and chemistry.And I have some new techers too,I like the teachers and I hope that the new subjects are goind to be easy.This year I have got a new class too it´s bigger than the last year and I really like it.

  9. Hello
    I think this year is most dificult than last year and the subject is most interesant
    By by Pedro 2 a ESO

  10. Hello I Paola from 2ºA
    My first day was very good,but the school year is difficult.The teachers are brilliant but I have a favourite and is Maria as well I have a favourite subject and is history.

  11. Hello im Sara El Kouissi and mi fiesta dates if clas was bery well, i meet my teachers Andrés.My favorite is Dani because is very running , and my favorite
    subject P.E . Well y have to go so see you soon in class. Bye

  12. Hello im Yanire castellanos my first dates of class was very well in my opinion my favorite subject is art. My art teacher is Paula , she is very nice but my favorite is Dani because the class is very funny and nice too.Well these is ser you tomorrow in class

  13. Hi, my name is Daniela, from 2A
    I’m new in this school, but now I’m really happy to be here. I have a lot of favourite subjects but my favourite one is P.E. because I like doing sports. My favourite teachers are: Dani, my music teacher, because he is really funny and Maria, my math teacher, because she is friendly with us.