Wednesday 13 February 2019


4th ESO students have been learning and searching about refugees.  In groups they have worked on different topics related to this reality: asylum seekers and refugees; refugee camps, UNHCR, European refugee crisis, ONGS...

See what they have done and post your comment! 

1. What's and asylum seeker and a refugee


3. History of UNHCR
4. European Refugee Crisis



  1. Hi! I´m Sheila ,My group and I have done the work of the NGOs.
    For me this project has been very interesting,because i have learned new things about :asylum seekers and refugees,refugee camps, European refugee crisis,UNHCR,NGOs...In general, I have learned that we not only have to think about ourselves but also about others.

  2. Hello, I´m Paola from 4ºA.
    What did I learn about refugees camps in this work?
    I learnt a lot of things of this topic. For example; I didn´t knew that in Norway there was a refugee conuncil.
    I learnt the refugees came to Europe for necessity. And I love this topic!

  3. Hello, my name is Fernando Mendoza and I’m from 4th of ESO.
    I have learnt quite a few things of the refugees. One of these is the differences between the asylum seekers and the refugees, because for me, they were the same. Another thing is that there are not a lot of NGOs for treat the refugees (at least in my opinion). The last thing that I have noticed after doing this project is that the refuge crisis is a huge one (and I thought that it was not that big).

  4. Hello I'm Ricardo of 4 of Eso and with this work I learned a lot of things abaut the immigrants in the EU

  5. Hi my name is Paula and with this work I have learned to value more the things that I have and my way of life. They have also taught me the bad living conditions of the refugees, and we have to know how to help those people as much as possible.

  6. Hi, I'm Alejandra from 4 ESO.
    I learn with this project somethings about some ONG and what they do. Other thing that I learn is some biggest refugee camps…
    I think is a very good project for us because now we know more information of the refugee.

  7. Hello I'm Alba Ortega and I have learned a lot about refugees like: their lifestyle, their disadvantages when they arrive in another country, the way they help them... It has been a good project because I have learned things that I don't now and I have worked with my friends.

  8. Hello I'm Alisan from 4º ESO and I have leraned lots of things about this, my project was European Refugees Crisis and I learned how many people come and why they come, where are they from and what is crisis. ;)

  9. Hello my name is Iván from 4 of ESO and I learned a lot about the European refugees for example what they leave behind, how many refugees does Europe receive and where they come from

  10. Hello, I'm Julia from 4 of ESO, and from this project I've realized how many refugees there are. I have also learned about the associations that help them.

  11. Hi! I´m Rebeca from 4th of ESO.
    My group and I have done the work of the UNHCR.
    I like this project because I have learned new things about: asylum seekers, refugees, refugee camps, European refugee crisis,NGOs, and our topic UNHCR.
    For me this project has been very interesting.

  12. Hello, I'm Marina from 4° ESO.
    In this project I have learned lot of things about the refugees like what's the UNHCR or about the biggest refugees camps.
    I think it's a good project because we aren't aware of the luck we have.