Friday 10 January 2020

Lunch at home at Secondary

Class 1ºB is doing a project about different lunches at their homes. Read their descriptions and enjoy!


  1. Hi am Alex for lunch I sometimes eat
    for lunch soup or meat and salad

  2. I'm Thiago,Breakfast milk with cookies or toast.In the meal salad with meat, or pasta, vegetables ...
    To eat an omelet or light things.

  3. I am Cristian for lunch I usually eat diferent vegetables and soup

  4. I´m Marcos. At lunch I have some days rice, pasta , vegetebles and more things that I like.then I have sometimes meet and sometimes fish and chips At finily I eat a yoghurt or a fruit. I LIKE MY LUNCH


  5. Today I am going to eat macaroni first course of second course I am going to eat steaks and for dessert strawberry yogurt

  6. Hello, my name is Ezequiel and today I will eat some delicious macaroni with chorizo ​​with orange juice and for dessert a piece of roscón de reyes

  7. Hi everyone, I am Irene.p today I am going to talk about my lunch,I usually have some soup or pure for first course, and then for second couse meat even though sometimes I eat fish but less because I do not like it al all, after for dessert i have fruit or yoghurt .

  8. I'm Vanesa.
    There is a canteen in my school but I have lunch at home with my parents after school.
    We sometimes eat soup and other days rice with steak and salad.
    We have a very varied diet.

  9. Hello my name is Idaira, I'm going to introduce you to my healthy food. First of all, on school days I don't eat breakfast because I'm not hungry but I bring lunch to breaktime. In lunchtime, I usually eat meat 2 times a week and 3 times a week I eat vegetables. To snack I eat fruit every day. Finally at dinner, I eat eggs or fish and dessert sometimes yogurt

  10. Hello Begoña, these are my lunches at my home.
    Monday my mom always cooks spaguetti with tuna and fried tomato, my dessert is a Actimel.
    On Tuesday we eat vegetable cream for second course grilled chicken and for dessert rice with milk.
    Wednesday is the lentil`s day,croquettes for second course and the dessert is a natural yogurt.
    Thursday, I eat meat and chips, the dessert is one curd with Brown sugar or honey.
    Friday, sometimes we eat pizza, and the dessert is a apple.

  11. Hi,I´m Daniela,I speak about the things I eat for lunch.
    First I usually eat pasta or soup , then I eat meat and for dessert some fruit or natural yoghurt.

  12. Hi, my name is Unai.
    At my home we usually eat salad or rice all the week. We also eat meat like 3 or 4 days. We eat pasta 1 or 2 tiemes at the week.
    We sometimes ear spanish food.

  13. Hello Begoña I'm Resnit.

    I make myself an orange juice every morning or make myself some milk toast for breakfast. In high school I eat lunch a sandwich or a bun and milkshake. When I go out I go home or to the bar walking or running to lower fats and then as varied (sometimes pastas, meat, chicken, salad... Everything) And dinner something that does not weigh much like steaks with salad... And I'm done.

  14. Hello Begoña. I am Ainhoa l will talk to you about my lunch
    I usually eat very varied some days soup, vegetables, meat, rice, pasta and as dessert fruit o yoghurt.

  15. Hi,I'm Zakwan.For the lunch I usually eat pasta,rice and sometimes salad to.

  16. Hi I'm Carlos. At home I sometimes eat salad and vegetables. I never eat seafood. I usually eat meat, omelette and dairy products.

  17. Hi, I´m Uxue.
    In my home we ussually eat vegetables, pasta and rice.
    The second course I ussually eat fish, chicken and meat.
    The dessert I ussually eat yogurths and fruit.

  18. Hi, I'm David
    My food of Friday is based on varied food.
    This is my deferents foods:
    I eat only a glass of milk whit milk and biscuits.
    Fist I eat some vegetable for example peas, then I eat a chicken steak and for desert a fruit for example apple.
    I eat an unhealthy food or hamburger or kebab.

  19. Hi I'm Sergio, and this is my lunch in a normal week.
    On Monday I eat mashed vegetables and chicken.
    On Tuesday I eat peace and ribs.
    On Wednesday I eat pasta and a yoghurt.
    On Thursday I eat soup and meat.
    On Friday I eat lentils and meat balls with chips.