Thursday 25 November 2021

My status update

Students are travelling to the USA and are writing a status update telling us what they are doing. 

Have a look at their posts on this blog!


  1. Hi I`m Ivane
    Hi I´m in Washinton DC with Zöe and Karlemis
    we are going to visit the white house ,I think that Washinton is great to visit becuse it has got a lot of museum, I like the that we are staying , In we are visiting the circuit of formula electronic.
    see you soon.

  2. Jixian:
    Today is Sunday and I'm in Delaware. At the morning I'm visiting the street and later, I'm going to the shop. At the afternoun I'm going to the beach for relaxing and at nigth, I'm going back home.

  3. Estiben 2A I´m visiting Nevada for vacation and i am going to Las Vegas with my friends, i am going to the capital of Nevada with is Carson city

  4. I'm in Nevada right now in the famous city of Las Vegas it's very beatiful and rich because it's have a lots of casinos and a lots of copies of famous Monuments I like Nevada.

  5. It's Saturday, we're staying in a hotel in Oregon, we're goung a zoo and the museum, Oregon has a museums, a lot of houses and shops too.

  6. Alessandra Blanco Durán30 November 2021 at 23:15

    Hello, I'm in Connecticut with Andrea.
    We're visiting the Museum of University.
    Connecticut has a Big Aquarium.
    Andrea is eating hamburger in the center street and she is taking photos too.