Monday 25 April 2022

IV Creative Writing Contest


To celebrate World Book Day, 23rd April, and to promote writing expression in the English language, students have participated in the 4th Creative Contest organized by PIPE. They have written a short story with the topic "Today can be a great day..." and two of them were selected. 

Read them and write ONE or TWO sentences to give an end to the story.




  1. I’m Denisa Suvagau from 4 ESO

    She looked at me terrified, I didn't understand what was happening until I turned around and saw my parents behind me

  2. Then I asked her If she could lend me something to wear, she lent me and we went out to our meet.
    The meet was fantastic I enjoyed so much went to the cinema.
    Alejandra Goytia - 4º

  3. Then I asked her if she could lend me something for wear for the date.
    Finally she lent me a t-shirt and we went out in our date. Alejandra Goytia - 4º

  4. Javier Prieto 4º ESO

    After that, she suggested we go for an ice cream at the neighborhood ice cream shop, when in the way I found my parents angry because I left home without permission so I went home punished.

  5. Hugo Pérez 4°

    At that moment he stared at me, and hugged me very sad and very strong
    When we finish we prepare to go to the funeral

  6. Hi, I´m Daniela Sánchez from 3º B.
    Because in the lake there was not water, there was blood.

  7. Because I saw something move, I started to run but someone caught me and took me to a dark room, I was scared to death, suddenly he turned on the light and I could see his face it was a friend making a joke on me.

  8. Fredy 4° ESO

    I saw your letter and did not put address so I came to pick you up so that we go to some beautiful place to share.

    vi tu carta y no ponia direccion asi que vine a recojerte para que vallamos a algun lugar hermoso para compartir.

  9. Justin mateo cruz 4°

    When we were able to see each other that made me think that today could be a great day

  10. Andrés Escudero 3º ESO

    When I got to the lake I realized that there was a big hole in the center and flames of fire came out of it, immediately I ran away to go home because I was very scary.

  11. Daniel Lozano 4º
    I took off my torn jacket and threw it in the trash.
    I asked her for a jacket from her brother and we went for our walk.

  12. I tried to get out but it was too late, because a strange figure shook me up and took me to the bottom of it.

  13. I tried to get out but it was too late, because a strange figure shook me up and took me to the bottom of it.
    Ezequiel Jaramillo R. 3º ESO

  14. Miguel Angel Cusi 4 ESO.

    He saw me and thought that I was plotting something for which he did not stop looking at me, but he realized in the conditions in which I was and he told me, furious for no reason, to leave his house, it was something very strange, perhaps it was a joke... I have no choice but to ask the police for help.

  15. Alba Elena 3ºB ESO
    Because when I got to the lake it turns out that the person who had quoted me was there, it turns out that it was a friend who wanted to play a joke on me and wanted to ruin my day.

  16. Maykel Vargas 3ºB
    I never expected that the person who wrote the letter was my sister. It was a shock that left me speechless. I was talking to my sister for a long time until we decided to go back home with our parents. He promised to tell me one day why she wrote me that letter. I am still waiting for that day.

  17. I´m Judith Rojas from 3º ESO
    When I see a boy with a full of blood coming out of the lake I was scared ,and I started running ,then I saw many more candles ,when I ended up in a lost place ,where everything was a different world there.

  18. Ainhoa 3° ESO
    Because I met the person responsible for the letter and turned out to be an evil scientist who sent the letter by mistake.

  19. I’m Nerea García-4ESO
    She simply told me what I was doing there while I got up and tried to clean my suit, which was impossible. I just wanted to talk to you even though you hate me, I said. The thing is, I'm never going to forgive you for what you did.

  20. What I saw there will mark me for the rest of my lifle.
    Life on other planets realy exist. - Patricia 3ºA

  21. I'm Alejandra Romero from 3°B

    I saw her, my own mother.
    It's been a while since I don't talk to her, maybe nine or ten years.
    When I was just a teenager, we had a discussion, and she kicked out of the house, leaving me alone.
    I came here because she used to take me here when I was a child.
    —Mom? What are you doing here?
    —Isn't it obvious? I wanted to talk with you.
    —I do not forgive you for what you did to me.
    I was angry, and sad at the same time, I turned around and I went straight to my house again.
    I will never forgive her.

  22. There was a dead body of someone. Near to the body I found it a paper with blood with my name, I was really scared, there wasn't anyone there. When I went back I call the police and I told them everything happened.


  23. Vanesa Ramírez 3º ESO
    I could see that there was a dead person. He was in a small boat that was at the end of the sail path. Horrified, I approached and I could see that this person was the murderer I had been looking for so much. In his hand was the paper with which he wrote the letter.

  24. I'm Alex Rafa from 3°ESO
    After I went to the lake , a person with a hoody wanted to hit me, that person was who wrotes the letter, luckily I throw him to the lake and I saw how some sharks began to kill him, he wrotes me the letter to kill me in that lake.

  25. Unai Marín 4º

    I ran out of there quickly and went to meet my parents at home to have my suit fixed in a prestigious store.

  26. When my mother saw me with the broken suit she told me to come home very angry, I don’t think I’ll ever forget it. As a punishment they forced me to clean the garden and with the heat it made me almost dead.

    Lucio Phoyu 4ºESO

  27. When i put the candels on the door, the door opens, in the interior it was my father, trying to take me a surprise of birthday
    Ibai - 3 ESO

  28. Marcos Ruiz

    Suddenly, a ghost appeared next to me. I was afraid and I try to ran away, but it was imposible, and the ghost kill me.

  29. Valerio Silva 4ESO

    Then my parents came out of nowhere and started yelling at me because what I did so they took me away and said that I’ll be grounded for a long long time…
    I haven’t gone out the house for 5 years now.

  30. Víctor Fernández 4°Eso

    When I looked at myself I felt very embarrassed and a few seconds later I listened to my parents in the distance and I had to keep running leaving her alone.

  31. Maite Rosales 4º ESO
    At that moment I didn't know what to say. She just laughed at my suit and changed the conversation.
    After a long time thinking about where to go or what to do, we finally decided to go to a mall.

  32. Adrián 3º ESO
    Because when I returned I found a man standing
    in the middle of the path of candles with a hood on his head