Friday 2 June 2023

Three-day holiday in....the UK


Only a few days for the summer holidays and 1ºA students are planning their holidays to visit different cities in United kingdom.

Have a look at their plans and their comments!


  1. I want to visit Cambridge and Brighton because I want to visit de Cambridge zoology and in Brighton the Ephesus Brighton.

  2. Trebol🐣💛7 June 2023 at 13:02

    I would like to visit Manchester because I want to see football matches there and Cambrige because the hotel is modern and beautiful.
    Zhanpeng 1 A

  3. I am Jose and I would like to visit Manchester because we will be at the football stadium and watch a match. I would also like to visit Cambridge because I like museums and I think the food we are going to eat is delicious.

  4. I want to go to Manchester to see the stadium and the castle that I find most interesting, and I also want to visit liverpool for the wonderful cathedral and the great port there.

  5. Hello, i´m iratxe.
    I would like to visit Manchester for the football field and also for the cathedral and I would like to visit Cambridge for the University of Cambridge.

  6. Manchester and Cardiff because I find their buildings and house interesting but also because of the plans they have to have fun

  7. I would like to go to Cambridge from Kadija, Betty 1ºA because I want to go to visit the university that is very famous and also Edinburgh Luna, Sara 1ºA because I want to go on the Harry Potter tour.
    By: April Stephanie

  8. Hello! I`m Lucía and I'm going to talk about where I would stay on a three-day holiday. I choose Campbridge and Stratford Upon Uvon. I'll choose Stratford Upon Avon because I think it has got so many places to visit like Shakespeare's house or the stadium of the local team, also because I think that there's a lot of fancy restaurants where eat.
    And, finally, I would choose Campbridge because of the amazing university is there and I think that it would be really interesting.
    And that's all, bye!

  9. My two favouritecities:
    One is Brighton beacuse it is a beautiful city, I'd love to go to Brighton Paleace Pier.
    And Manchester has got a football team, and o the science and industry museum.
    Luna 1ºA eso

  10. I want to visit Brighton, because it is a beautiful city and it has a tower i360 of the views of the city.
    And i want to visit Edinburgh, because I would like to visit the museum of Edinburgh, and the Edinburgh castle.
    Hanae 1ºA

  11. I really like all the projects but specially two. I want to visit liverpool bacause I love this city. I also want to try bubble and squeak and I want to visit many famous museums. Secondly I would like to visit Manchester because I love everything related with football and in this trip we are going to visit many stadiums.