Thursday 27 February 2014

Charla cultural en inglés

Cambiamos el aula por el teatro. 

El miércoles 26 de febrero los alumnos de Secundaria asistieron a la charla cultural en inglés "A Tale of 3 Cities" impartida por Macmillan y organizada por el departamento de inglés.


Pincha en la foto para descubrirlo


  1. The talk was very entertaining and lively.The man who spoke to us was quite friendly and the vocabulary he used was simple enough so most of the people understood the topic of conversation and more encouraged to participate. It would be nice to repeat it with another subject for example: The Amish.

    Salvador Rios 4º E.S.O.

  2. Ana Mº Dumitrascu 3ºB E.S.O
    was all very funny. I really liked
    The part numbers of phones was a little difficult. But it was good.
    I would like to come more often.

  3. I really enjoyed the talking, the topic was quite interesting and the speaker did it nicely.
    I would like more activities like this one, maybe if we can repeat it before June we all will enjoy it so much. -Diego Mateos 4ºESO

  4. It was fun,I liked it very much because he told us about 3 different cities about which I knew very little.
    ThanKs to him it increased my knowledge about history of english

    Shaheer Tiwana 2ºA E.S.O