Thursday 30 October 2014

Halloween by 4 ESO students

4 ESO students have been working in groups and have done some research on Halloween. They have investigated about its history and traditions in different countries; they have prepared presentations and they have later presented their work to the rest of the class.

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  1. Hi, I'm Almudena Escudero.

    The faults that I have found, are the following:
    - There were a parade: There was a parade
    - american and canadian: American and Canadian
    - Customes: Costumes

  2. Hi I'm Samuel, The wrong words are celtic, american, canadian, customes.
    The right words are celts, American, Canadian, costumes.

  3. Hi, my name is David Prieto, and I don't found any mistakes.

  4. In the fourth slide it says that people wear ''customes'' instead of ''costumes''. It also says ''american'' and ''canadian'' which have to be with capital letters like ''American'' and ''Canadian''
    In the fourteen slide it says ''asking soul cakes'' instead of ''asking for soul cakes''.
    In the twenty-second slide it says '' there was a man called Jack did not deserve...''. ''That'' is missing between Jack and did.
    In the twenty-ninth slide it says '' the following movies have selected by us carefully '' instead of ''the following movies habeen selected carefully by us''.

  5. Hi , my name is Omaima Torqui
    The faults are canadian ( Canadian ) , customes ( costumes ) , There were a parade ( There was a parade ) , celtic ( celts ) .

  6. Hi we are Matias and Ander. We only found one mistake and is: we put begining with one ''n'' and the correct word is beginning with two ''n''.

  7. Hi , we are sergio and daniel.Our phrase was missing from the November 1 st.
    In Spain the All Saints' Day is celebrated on November 1st.
    This is the correct form to write

  8. Hello I am daniel and in the slide 16 and found the mistake:
    ''on november 1'', would be: '' on nobvember 1st''