Saturday 21 March 2015

Writing activity in 1º-ESO-A

Our students from first year have also learnt how to write an informal e-mail. They know how to write the starting and closing sentence, the body...

Apart from that, they know how to read an email as well. For example:; name "at" company "dot" com

Here you have their e-mails written to me. Great!


  1. Hi Eveliñe,
    Thanks for your last email. This time I'm writing about my holidays.
    every years I go to Alicante, Valencia, Torrevieja.
    i go by car with my parents;igor and Laura; an d my brother Daniel.
    We go to the beach and we play football, tennis...
    Some times my grandparents go with us.
    I love go to Torrevieja.


  2. Congratulations
    This is a fabulous activity!