Wednesday 25 November 2015

Writing a blog: cities

2º A students are writing blog entries to a blog and they are telling their trips to different cities: Liverpool, New York and Glasgow.


  1. Hi I am Amina Batool from 2ºA and my faults are:
    And also museums around it
    If they were alive I'd surely take their autograph
    But I'm glad to go the Cavern Pub
    Where The Beatles played many of theirs songs
    To speak English
    On my way to Spain
    Here in the photos you can see places that I visited.

  2. Hello I´m Araceli Escudero from 2A ESO. My mistakes are:
    1- My brothers are excited because it is the first time that they are travelling to the UK.
    2- I´m a litle bored.
    3- It was designed by the architect Charles Rennie Mackintosh.
    4- We have to go to the airport to come back home.

    I really enjoyed this activity, because I have learned many things about different cities.

  3. I'm Eva from 2º A ESO:
    This morning we are visiting the Statue of Liberty.
    In the afternoon we are watching the boats in the river.
    I'm pleased because we are visiting the Madison Squere Garden it is the home of the NBA baskball team and there are also concerts.
    My brother doesn't likes them.
    The party is in borough, Manhattan.

  4. Hello, I'm Maria Rincon from 2ºA ESO. I think they are beautiful places. The third day I'm going to LOng Island and Queens but I'm think that theu isn't much time and didn't go to old the place buecause I'm explor old.

  5. Hi my name is Alberto and I like Liverpool
    My faults are: It and the word Beatles that it is a group

  6. Hello I'm Alejandra Amaya from 2A.ESO .My mistakes are:
    My holiday
    It is the frist day of my holiday.
    I'm very nevous .
    I'm at the airport.
    I'm waiting for my airplane.
    I'm be in Liverpool.
    Then I'm going to visit the Liverpool Cathedral it is very beautiful .
    I'm going to stay at my hotel with my parents
    I'm eating an ice cream.
    I hope to repeat soon

  7. Hello,my name is Sheila Blanco from 2ª A ESO. My mistakes are :
    I´m with my family.
    It´s very wood.
    we´re getting up at 8:00 a.m.
    we´re going to the shopping center.
    It is part of the history of the music of the beatles.
    Are going to the museum.
    At night we are going out to dinner.
    In the afternoon.
    We are going to an amusement park.

  8. Hi, I'm Alejandro Jimenez from 2 ESO A.
    I'm going to the airport.
    I'm sitting to the left.
    My mum's sitting behind me and my father next to me.
    We're arriving at right.
    When we arrive to the hotel.
    We're going to the beach to have a bath.
    We're eating in a restaurant.
    It's beautiful.
    We're eating fish and chips.
    We're taking the subway.

  9. Hello I'm Florentina from 2A. My mistakes are:
    In the first day and we are going to diferent parts:
    Most are the same place
    On our way for these we find a sculpture formed by more that tuenty suitcases
    Some things belonged
    There is a arch with over 200 Hand painting dragons that represent
    Called Liverpool One
    I am eating cheap food
    But they are delicius!

  10. Hello, my name is Samuel from 2A. my mistakes are:
    Is my first day in New York.
    I visited Manhatan.
    I saw the Wall Street in the center.

    I went to the Central Park.
    I went to visit the Statue of Liberty.
    I saw a basketball match.
    I went to beyonce's concert.
    I tired for yesterday.
    I'm flying to home.

    I like this activitie.

  11. Hello, I’m Natalia Herreros from 2ºA and my mistakes are:
    Today we are visit St George’s Hall.
    Outwardly it’s I’m with my uncle and aunt .
    very similar to the museum of Rome.
    This is my last day in Liverpool and we are visiting: …
    All of this capital is spectacular.
    We are enjoying this trip a lot.

  12. Hi Im Cristina from 2ºA. I thin that the works of my parners are beautiful and interesting, I want to visit all of that places. My mistakes are :
    A cholate ice-cream.
    A flight to Madrid.
    This is a good form to learn about our mistakes.

  13. Hello ! Muy name is Mari Jose from 2A ESO . My mistakes are:
    It situated on The banks of a river.
    The catedral of Glassgow it was inaugurated on June
    We visiting
    The third day and I'm sad

  14. Hello Im Juan I. Mendoza from 2ºA and this are my mistakes:
    My first day in New York is the fisrt of January.
    I'm going by plane
    It is cold.
    I am talking a taxi to get to hotel that it is near the Madison Square Garden.
    I'm visiting a lot of places
    I am having lunch in a restaurant
    I am buying a lot of presents for my family
    In the evening I'm going to Broadway and watch a film

  15. hello i am Aejandro of 2ªA i like the lat comment because its short and direct