Sunday 13 March 2016

Los peques de primaria son cocineros por un día, eso sí, cocineros ingleses!!

Los alumnos de 1º de Primaria practican mucho mucho inglés. Hasta se han hecho cocineros por un día!!
Están graciosísimos, ¿Verdad?


  1. Hellp, i´m German for 4ESO
    This activity is very funny and i think that children will improve their english with this kind of activities. VERY GOOD¡¡

  2. Hi, I'm Ismael from 4º ESO. I think it's a great idea and they do it very well!!!
    They are very funny!!

  3. Hi I am Manuel from 4ºESO
    I think this is an interesting thing to practise English.
    They look very funny and happy.
    They can learn English while they are cooking so it is great.
    Good luck this year in the school.

  4. Hi! I'm Sofía from 4º ESO.
    I think that this activity is fantastic and with it the children can learn english better because they play and also speak english.

  5. Hi! I am Carmen Santamaría from 4ºESO
    I love this activity because I think that is very funny and they can learn a lot about food and they can also learn more english.
    It is fantastic!

  6. Hi I'm Andrea from 4ºESO.
    Although this activity is about improving english when you're still little I have to say that they are so cute. Their English level is so good even they are still in first course of primary. It's good to start practising English since you are a child and I find these activities very useful.

  7. This is awesome!
    This activity is very good to learn English.