Thursday 17 March 2016

Postcards from the USA

3rd ESO students are travelling to different cities in the USA and they've sent us these letters and postcards with their adventures.


  1. Hello we are Diego Fernández and Erick Castellón and we are doing our own postcard. Good luck doing your postcard and bye.

  2. Hello my name is Alejandro Crespo and I love this experience because we learn a lot of things about the american cities : Foods , culture,animals, history and the special plays in the diferent cities us the touristic places . This work write us a postcards with a friend or school for explain our experiences in the city and in the class explain for our classmates .It is a incredibly experience and amazing .

  3. Hy, my name is Daniel from 3ºA ESO.
    My postcard was from Las Vegas and i talk about my holiday from Las vegas. It was amazing because i visited a lot of things and some monuments.
    I stay in the stratosphere tower.
    it was the best holiday.

  4. Hi! I love this project because we have learnt a lot about and the culture and patrimony of the cities of USA. My attitude of going to that country has grown also, specially to New Orleans, because I think that is the most beautiful city in USA and its culture is fantastic too. Bye!