Tuesday 26 April 2016

Shakespeare's celebration

El pasado viernes los alumnos de Educación Secundaria celebraron el 400 aniversario de la muerte de Shakespeare. Se realizaron varios carteles y nos fuimos al patio para celebrarlo por todo lo alto. Además, varios alumnos fueron a Educación Infantil y Primaria para representar la tan conocida obra: Romeo y Julieta. ¿Queréis ver más?


  1. Shakespeare day was great. We had a lot of fun and the video with all of us is great.
    Alberto Bermejo

  2. Hi I am Eva from 2ºA
    I liked the Shakespeare´s celebration because I participed and I like his plays

  3. Hello I'm Natalia from 2ºA
    That day I would pass very well.
    He was very good reminder that was done.

  4. Hello I'm Cristina of 2ºA ESO.
    The sakespeare day was fantastic, we learn a lot of the sakespeare's life and we watch our partners presenting some of his famous works. It was very funny.

  5. Hi I'm Alejandra from 2ºESO.
    This activity was very funny and interesting we can learn more for Shakespeare .I hope that we can do more activities like this...

  6. Hi,
    I'm Samuel from 2A.
    I really like this activity because Shakespeare was an increible playwright, poet and actor. I like also because we celebrate the forte hundred aniversary of his dead.


  7. Hi I´m Brisa from 2ºA
    The posters were very good and the work was very interesting.There are very nice way to celebrate

  8. Hi, I'm Maria Rincon for 2ºA ESO
    I like do this activitie of shakespeare becaus I learn thing that I don't know of he.
    I pass a good time the day that I do the cero for 400, is so funny.


  9. Hello I´m Araceli Escudero from 2ºA ESO.
    In my opinion, the activity that we perform in the playground was very original. Also, I liked what we did, because we commemorate the death of a great writer named Shakespeare.

  10. Hi I'm Juan I. Mendoza from 2º ESO.
    That day was very important for the litelature for the anniversary of the Shakespeare'S die. Was very interesting.


  11. Hi I'm Amina from 2nd ^~^
    All I wanna say is that it was a honor to be there, I liked almost all the acts, though it was a short celebration we worked a lot... making posters, decorating the school and finally we had few mins during the break time... to celebrate Shakespeare's anniversary.
    Well so it was nice~

  12. Hi I'm Mari Jose from 2 ESO
    That day we pass very good , it is a good activiti

  13. My name is Florentina Andreescu, from 2A. I like the play Romeo and Juliet, it was excellent! I like it because it talks about romance, love, hate between the characters. Also one of the main topics is revenge and it's a classic of literature of Shakespeare, so why not. I love it!

  14. " Be or not to be part of this awesome school "
    Adrian,2A E.S.O

  15. I'm Asier Cabrera from 4º ESO and I think they should do more things like this to promote our learning, as it is done in an interesting way.

  16. Hi! my name is Amanda Pascual, 4ESO
    This day was very funny and I participated making a letter(E) of the surname of Shakespeare and my classmates read very well ;)

  17. Hi,I'm Carmen Barriobero from 4º ESO.
    I had a great time that day being the presenter.
    I learned a lot about Shakespeare's life.
    I liked a lot this activity. My classmates read some poems of him and they made his surname.

  18. My name is Jose andres
    I like me the form letters of the Sheakspeare , we make it

  19. Hi! My name is Saif from 4º ESO

    Wow has been a fantastic day and the actuation that has been done in the yard too, I like them works of great poets like Shakespeare because his works are of tragedy and romance.

    I would like to do more activities like this because they are fun and you learn a lot .

  20. Hi, I'm Carmen Santamaría from 4th year
    This activity has been very interesting because we have known all related to Shakespeare's live and plays.