Sunday 1 May 2016

More USA States

Continuing with the work that we started last year, secondary students have been learning a little bit more about the USA and its states. With the help of Penelope, our Teacher assistant, they have worked on posters, which later have been hung on the gallery, and in the end they have played a game on the computers to see how much they remember.

2º A

2º A

2º B

3º A



If you want to play, click KAHOOT


  1. hello my name is Pablo and I am from 2ºA
    I played the kahoot game and I enjoy a lot also you can learn a lot of things of USA

  2. Hi my name is Eva and I am from 2ºA
    I plaleyed the kahoot game and I learn a lot of things of USA and its states

  3. Hello, my name is Natalia, I'm from 2ºA.
    I like the game of kahoot,You learn a lot with him.

  4. Hello,I'm Alejandra from 2ºA ESO.
    I think that this game is very good we can learn a lot of for the states of USA and the game interesting.I like this game is very funny!!!

  5. Hello I'm Cecilia of 2°A.
    In our English class we play a game very interesting. With it de learn a lot of tipical things of USA

  6. hi muy name is Santi,I'm from 2A°ESO.
    I like this tipe of game because I hace stay a good time with muy friends of muy class.
    And I like it a lot un the same time because I learn new thigs.
    I tope who repeat again.

  7. Hi I´m Brisa from 2ºA
    I played Kahoot and is a fun game in which you learn many things from different places unite

  8. Hi, I'm Juan I. Mendoza from 2º ESO
    This game is very interesting and we can learn a lot. I play and I learn a lot from USA.


  9. Hello,I´m Ainhoa from 2ºA.
    I think that this activity is very cool and the best thing is that you learn a lot.

  10. hello my name is Sheila,i am from 2ºA ESO.I Liked play the kathoot and I liked learn the things of Arizona my work, and USA

  11. Amina from 2ºA
    Everyone wanting to be in the first place and I just loved it because it was related to our posters, the same places...
    So it wasn't difficult and we enjoyed it I guess..
    But we had to be quick for getting high marks :P

  12. Hello my name is Alejandro Jiménez from 2ºA ESO.
    I like the game of Kahoot because you can learnt lot of USA.
    Too the posters of USA, all them are good.

  13. hi I am Paola 2ºA ESO
    I really liked to do the work and lobde Kahoot and I learned many things I did not know about Arizona and Michigan

  14. Hi I am Iván from 2ºA
    I learned a lot of things about this states, before this activity I didn´t have any idea of these states.

  15. Hello, I am Alejandro Jiménez from 2º A
    I like this job because it is very interesting. I like played the Kahoot , it is very funny. Bye

  16. Hi! my name is Asier Cabrera from 4º ESO and in my opinion We should do more UK but that the English we speak is that there.

  17. Hi I'm Alberto Escalona from 4ºESO

    I liked the activity because I have learnt a lot of things of the states that I didn't know.

  18. Hi I'm Carlos from 4°ESO.
    I learned a lot of things about the states of USA.The activity was so funny and very interesting.

  19. Hi I´m Diego from 4º ESO and I think that we should do more things like this because it is very funny and we learn a lot. Whit this activity we can learn a lot of states in the United States.

  20. Hi I'm Iván from 4ºESO.
    This activity was great. We had a great time and we learned a Little more about the Uited States.

  21. Hi I'm Alex Iacob from 4°ESO.
    I had so much fun doing this activity because it's an unusual activity and we don't usually do activities like this. That's why I think that we must do it more often and, this way, we will be able to have fun while we are learning so useful and impressing things.

  22. Hi.I'm Sofía from 4ºESO.
    I think that this activity was funny and with it i learnt new things about different States of USA.
    Thanks to games like this, we can learn playing and it is very interesting.

  23. Hi I'm Alejandro Juarez from 4°ESO.
    I think this activity is very interesting because we learn states playing a game. That's very fun!