Tuesday 25 October 2016

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Do you want to see our students' profiles and their friends'? 
3rd ESO students have done theirs. Have a look at them.


  1. Hi my name is Pablo I'm from 3ºA and my mistakes are:
    -change the order of a sentence
    -put the name of the school all together
    -change do by practice and most by more
    -and put listen to music with out to

  2. HI my name is Alberto and my mistakes are:
    - She likes go(ing)out with her frie(n)ds.
    - She usually play(s) football.
    - ..because (she)is very lazy.
    - She likes play(ing) tennis.
    - She likes chat(ting).

    Bye bye HAPPY HALLOWEEN!!!!

  3. Hey there~
    I'm Amina and I had 2 mistakes:

    ~**Drawing is another of my hobbies**~
    ~**So it's often on**~

    WELL I LOVED THIS ACTIVITY,I enjoyed writing about myself and now that I can also read my classmates' writings on the blog.It's cool tbh!
    Thanks :)

  4. Hello I am Eva form 3ºA
    I go to Los Boscos at Secondary School
    This year I am studying a lot because it is very dificcult
    I hate playing sports although I watch them on TV

  5. Hello my name is Alejandro Jiménez from 3ºA and I´ve got this mistakes in my profie:
    -Second parafraph: I put "in" instead "on". In the next line I didn´t put a coma.
    -Third paragraph: I didn´t put " I" with capital letter. In the final left over "re going to".

  6. Hello my name is Sheila from 3ªA and my mistakes are:
    We sometimes see each
    which is called La Salle El Pilar.
    she draws very well
    she´s got lots of friends
    I win with the wii

  7. Hi,I'm Qaisra from 3°A
    And my mistakes are:
    -this year is very difficult
    -I watch Indian tv serial
    -especially romantic and dead
    -I don't whatch sports on tv
    -I always help my mum whit the housework
    -we talk and play games
    -because she's having a birthday party
    -birthday parties

  8. Hello I´m Araceli Escudero from 3ºA ESO.
    My mistake was:
    -"So she hates all types of insects", and I have to put: "because she hates all types of insects."

  9. Hello my name is Natalia Herreros from 3°A and my mistakes are:
    *We love talking about gossip
    *It's interesting and funnyest
    *And in the boring moments
    *Is with me and comforts me

  10. I my name is Santi from 3ºA.
    I have this mistakes:
    1-play videogames with my laptop or with my ps3
    2-watch videos,listening to music:heavy metal,techno.
    3-I go tu study in an academy three days a week.
    4-At weekend i play with ps3,go for a walk and going to the cinema with my best friend.

  11. Hello!My name is Brisa and my mistakes are:
    -She´s fifteen
    -With brown eyes and brown hair
    -But we live in different streets
    -We like talking
    -Buying clothes
    -Type of music
    -Like reading
    -Also a very
    -She makes me laugh

  12. Hi my name is María from 3ºA ESO and my mistakes are:
    -Everyone calls her Viki.
    -We don't see everyday because she doesn't live here.
    -Whenever I go to my village.
    -I have a very good time .
    -I like being with her because we love taking photos.

    Bye bye

  13. Hello I am Alejandra from 3°ESO and my mistakes are:
    She is younger than me.
    I see her every day .
    We are together almost everyday.
    She is very talented .
    She's got lots of friends .

  14. Hi my name is Diego.I'm from 3ºA and my mistakes are:

    -He is in 3rd of E.S.O

    -He likes all the sports especially football

    -He often meets with me

    -He play videogames with me

    -He doesn't like losting a game

    -He enjoys ralking all the time he is a very talkative person

  15. hello my name is Paola from 3ºA and my mistakes are:
    -she also very tall
    -Valencia so she doesn´t to the same school as me.
    -We met because her mother
    -family in 2014
    -Summer here since then we have been best friends.-
    -The two of us
    -I miss her a lot

  16. Hello my name is Juan I. Mendoza from 3ºESO and I have this mistakes:
    -In the first paragraph I didn´t put "play" before computer games, in next line I put "movil" but is "mobile phone" and in last line I didn´t put "playing" and "watching".
    -In second paragraph I put "laught" but is "laugh", I put "speaking much" but is "talking", I didn´t put "a lot of", I put "much" but is "a lot",I miss "it" in the next line and I put "to be" but is "being".


  17. Hi my name is Daniel from 3 A
    My mistakes are:
    He likes playing videogames with the xbox.
    His favourite game is GTA V.
    He likes these subjects .

  18. Hello I am Ainhoa from 3ºA and my mistakes are:
    I am in 3 ESO.
    I am going to study a lot to pass the exams.
    I love listenig to music.
    I like talking with my friends.
    I like watching the TV.
    I don´t often meet my friends after the school during the week.

  19. Hi I´m Cristina from 3ºA. My mistakes are in the spelling of the words.
    I like doing this activities because I learn a lot and I can improve my writing.
    I need to do more exercises to be a better writer.
    By, Cristina.

  20. Hi,I'm Adrián from 3°A and this are my mistakes:
    -**I like playing a special card gane**
    -**I like playing videogames**
    -**I go to football twice a week**

  21. Hello my name is Samuel from 3A, and my mistakes was:

    -I´m doing 3º.(3rd course).
    -We pass very good because...(We have a very good time because...).
    -In the weekend.At the weekend).
    -I like very much.(I like it very much).
    -I never bored.(I´m never bored).

  22. Hello my name is Julian from 3^A, and this are my mistakes:
    -*Bosco's secondary school*
    -*Much mistakes with "-ing" and "I" or "I'm"*
    -*Two Times a week*
    -*So I'm study a lot*
    -*Go out in the weekend*
    -*Allthoug any weekend*
    -*Ever y plays*

  23. Hello!
    My name is Javier and i´ve got a lot of mistakes,I don´t like doing those activities are very board.
    *A lot
    *Very much
    See you!

  24. Hello,my name is Florentina from 3ºA and there are my mistakes:

    -We travel every week to Miranda.
    -Like meeting at the local shooping.
    -We love going to the cinema.
    -It is very expensive,so our parents pay us one every two months
    -We are scared of insects.
    -We ride our bikes.

  25. Hello my name is Walter from 3A
    My mistakes are:
    -We´re the weekends.
    -He lives in a different street than I.
    -But sometimes a lazy.
    -I enjoy spending time with he because he´s very funny.

  26. Hi! My name is Camila and my mistakes are:
    - I was born in Santiago Chile, but I live in Logroño with my parents and my sister.
    - I hardly ever practice photography although I like it because it's fun and have a good time.

  27. Hi, I´m Iván from 3A and these are my mistakes:
    -I´m in 3rd of secundary.
    -I get bored a lot.