Sunday 12 November 2017

Books, Films and Series Reviews

4th ESO students have written reviews about their favourite books, films and series. They like all kinds of genres and all the reviews are very interesting. Click on read more to see them...


  1. Hello my name is Pablo I'm from 4º of ESO
    I write abaut the comic Maus, I like many series and books of the project and I would like to see series like for example the Preacher or read books like for example The selection

  2. Hi!
    I´m Araceli Escudero.
    I´ve loved the review of the series "Skins". I think I´m going to watch it, because in my opinion it talks about something very interesting, that is the teenagers problems, like family problems, or depression for example.
    Also the review says that "Skins" make you think,so, because of that I´m going to watch it.

  3. Hi, I'm María Rincón from 4ºESO.
    I want to start reading the book "The Selection". I think that is very curious and it's the type of books that my I love to read.

  4. Hi i´m Daniel!!
    I really liked the works of Maria and Walter because they are about one of my favorite movies. There is a total of three films that always at the end of one of leaves with an intrigue full of emotion.
    The first film is that of The Hunger Games, the second film is that of Catching Fire and the third film is called Mockingjay.

  5. Hi my name is Alberto
    the BEST review is Ivan´s review because Don Quijote is a legend character and he is very crazy.

  6. Hello my name is Walter and I from 4 ESO
    I liked it because I did not know the best movies or series that had and interested me. My favorite movie has been the hunger games but I would like to see Civil War captain America because it seems like a good movie.

  7. Hi, I'm Diego Rodríguez.

    I liked all the reviews. I liked the It movie and I was intrigued by the series The 100, I'm sure I see them.

  8. Hello ^~^) /
    I'm Amina Batool from 4 ESO
    I think all of the reviews are good because after all, they are opinions~
    And my review is also cool, I made a review about a book called The Tender Bar.
    I read others and they are interesting, like Skins or Timantti. Good job.

  9. Hi I am Eva from 4 ESO. I like the series black mirror. I wacht one episode. It was fun and interested. The series are very good.

  10. My name is Aracely
    My prefer serie nos is Skins because it’s a serie make that you think because show diferentt situations in a life with many problems and calls the attention of young people because they are problems that exist in our society.

  11. Hi,I´m Brisa from 4º
    I write about Chasing Cameron but I also like Skins or Game or Thrones.I like to much the series
    And If we talk about books I want to read the comic "Maus".I think that It would be interesting

  12. Hi I'm Juan I. Mendoza from 4º ESO. This was an amazing activity of our class and Iwould like to do again. I like the review of the film Kingsman the golden circle, but all of it very good. It was an activity interesting.


  13. the hunger games
    It's a good movie but the aftermath are not so good
    but it's an interesting saga

  14. Hello
    My name is Camila. I like the Chasing cCameron series but I have not seen it. Because it is produced and directed by a young man. It shows us the lives of famous people. It is very interesting

  15. Hi I'm Alejandra.I'm in 4 ESO
    I think that the Maria's work is good I like film and now I want to read this book. She write well

  16. Hello
    How is your day going guys?
    I am thinking wwhy I haven't seen all that films,series...
    IU should start with that right now.

  17. Hello, I'm Paola from 4° ESO.
    My favorite review is skins. I want to See this serie.
    Seem is very interesting. I have know this serie for this work. I like of this kind series of teenagers
    Good Job Camila

  18. Hello, my name is ainhoa.
    I wrote about the Civil War movie, I love that movie, I also like It very much, although there are many other interesting ones, I think we have all done a good job.

  19. Hi I am Iván from 4°ESO.
    I think the best review is from Javier because his serie is very famous and I think that is interesting, I would like to watch it.

  20. Hi, I´m Alejandro Jiménez from 4º ESO.
    I think the best is it,because I´d like horror films.
    When I was seeing it I´d liked a lot.

  21. Hi. I´m Valentina from 4ºESO.
    I really like Juan's work because it's very interesting and I really like that movie.