Thursday 23 November 2017

Visiting Irish cities

2nd ESO students are visiting Ireland virtually and they are writing diaries of their visits and tours. See what they have done!


  1. Hi, my name is Álex López 2ºA ESO.
    My mistakes:

    *I´m in a hotel called, Big Tower...
    *My brother and I are going to the shpping centre...
    *We are playing golf in the curses golf...

  2. I'm Beatriz Ortega 2ºA
    DAY 1
    I'm in Limerick. Today we are visiting the castle of the King John, later we are going to the Museum Hunt there are 2000 of pieces of art. We are seeing the river Shamon with the medieval neighborhood to the bottom too.
    DAY 2
    We are visiting the stone of the agreement. It is colding treaty store and we are visiting the boocks of Frank McCourt too.
    DAY 3
    We are visiting the village the Adare. It is near the city and it is popular for his traditional constructions and It is old

  3. Hello! My name is Nicol and my defects are:
    -I am having a great time and also a good breakfast in the hotel.
    -To night I'm going to the most famous cinema in Derry.
    -Its name is Brunswich Moviebowl.
    -If anyone looks at me writing in my diary.
    -It's got a lot of pictures that are really artistic and original too.
    -My brother is taking a photo of my parents here and I am sitting on a seat looking at this place.

  4. Hi! I´m Ane, from 2ºA. My mistakes are: -It contains a quarter of a mile of passages and it is (I wrote: it has) 300 metres deep (I wrote: of depth). I like this activity because I have learned something about an Irish city, Kilkenny.

  5. Hello, my name is Alexandra and my mistakes are:
    -The weather is not so good...
    -Delicious restaurant...
    -I’m really excited...
    -It’s really cool...
    -It’s our last day...
    -Cork is a really beautiful city...

  6. Hi my name is Lucía and my mistakes are:
    -I'm visiting my grandparents...
    -I'm shopping...
    -I'm eating in a restaurant...

  7. Hola, soy Víctor Tejada y mis errores son:
    He puesto going to cuando debería haber puesto el verbo acabado en ING
    Y haber puesto an cuando era at

  8. Hi! I'm Alejandro Muñoz from 2nd of ESO.

    *We've rented.
    *I've spent.
    *For three days to Waterford.

  9. Hello, My name is Paula Quintana:
    They are fantatic.
    We are staying old.
    Now i leaving the hotel and are going to the restaurant.
    it's called The French Table and it looks good.
    Tis is the last day.

  10. I’m William Yu Lin

    -I’m waiting for the bus

  11. Hello,my name is Beimar and my defeats are:
    -I’m staying,King John(x2),I’m visiting(x3),I am eating(x2) and I’m resting

  12. I'm Hugo of 2-A ESO and muy mistakes are: Beautiful, and to do some shopping

  13. hello my name is Israel and the mistakes hat i got in my writting is ,we are gettin ready to stay in a hotel after we are going to visit the city . but fist we are going the castle because the people says that is fanastic at 2 pm we going to the museum and we see many things .making arregement before thatt we were sitting on the boat ,on the river and we are fishing ,last activiy were prepare .i ve got 11 errors .and the place is derry

  14. Hello I am Franck.
    Day 1: I am going to the cinema and I eat at the restaurant the dinner is goodI am going to the hoteland I am going to bed
    Day 2: I am going the restaurant of the hotrel to have dinner
    I am going to the museum and I am bored because te people , speak a lot