Monday 15 January 2018

Friends forever

Do you have a friend or relative that you have a close relationship  with? We asked students from class 3rd ESO to share their experiences.... 

Read their comments and see!


  1. He is a very good friend,he can be my closefriend, I trust on him and I thin he truts on me. He likes swimming but he does't like playing football. He has got dark straight hair and brown eyes. He is poite, patient, ambitious and brave.

    ALISAN +_+

  2. My relationship with Unai started when we were three years old and we started school.
    Unai is fourteen years old. He is tall and he has dark and short hair, he has also blue eyes.
    In my opinion, Unai is ambitious, brave, cheerful, competitive and generous, but he isn’t shy or rude. He is sometimes serious and patient too, but only sometimes!
    Nowadays, we are still in the same class, so we are classmates and also close friends, and sometimes team-mates, for instance when we have to do a project for the school, we are usually together. We also hang out a lot, and in the school break we are always together too!
    Because all of this, Unai and I have a really good relationship that I think it will be forever.

    3rd ESO

  3. Daniel is my team friend.
    He swim with me in the club, he has worse times than m. He is from Rusia and he trains Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays, like me.
    He is tall and slim, he has long curly and brown hair.
    he is a good friend and he is my neighbour to.

    My best friend is Nimra. She´s live in Engalnd, but she´s verry close to me. She´s the pearson I most belive. For example, when I´m in problem a told her everythink. She´s have a long and black hear, her eyes are brown and she´s tall and skinny. She´s verry clever, creative and competitive.

  5. My friend Ainhoa and me are really close friends.She´s the person,turn to if i have a problem.For example,when I was having issues at school,I talk with she and help me.We see each other every day.Because if we see each other,we are not calm.We are like sisters,we tell ourselves all the problems but,for instance Ainhoa courses 4ºESO and I course 3ºESO,but for nothing it has separated us.We have known each other for 3 years,I hope the same confidence always,because we know that it is very difficult to separate.

  6. I am Marina.
    My cousin Lucía is like my close friend.
    She is the person I turn if I have a problem and I tell all to her because she knows all about me.
    She is one year older than me and is tall, she has long blond hair, is very confident and she lives in Castro Urdiales. That is our problem, we live far away from each other and I sometimes see her but in summer or Christmas I am a lot of time with her.
    When I am with her we do lots of things together like going shopping, going to the cinema, going swimming...
    I love her

  7. HI my name is Julian and Im going to show you the description of my friend Pablo.

    Pablo Is taller than me and he has brown hair and brown eyes. He Is slim and he has big fit.

    His favourite sport Is Fotball and he pay In the same team with me. Another hobbie of Pablo are play videogames online.

  8. Paula is cheerful, she is always with a smile in the face. In PE she is competitive.
    She is very emotional and generous, she always stay when I'm sad.
    She listen to al my problems and she help me.
    She isn`t very patient but is a very good person.
    She support me because she listen to my patiently if I need to talk.
    She always defend me when someone is give a hard time.
    I tell her private information, I share my ideas with her.
    I only have 2 close friens and she is one of then.
    sometimes si is a guest in my house because she is my neighbourd.
    she is a very old friend.

    Nerea Subero.

    1. my close friend is Irati, she is my best friend and she lives in Bilbao, I talk with her every day, she knows all about me I I know all about her. I see her in summer and in "Pascua". She is polite, ambitious and generous, she's always laughing. She always stay with me when I wrong, the distance can't break our relationship because is so strong. We are so different but is not a problem, I love Irati so much.

    She's my close friend but also my team-mate.
    She's very emotional, generous, cheerful but a little lout.
    At sport she's very brave and competitive so it's very good to win the race.
    I have known her for six years and she's a very good person, you can tell her all your problems and she always help you.
    She accepts yout way to be and she doesn't want to change anything.
    She always tries to get a smile when you are sad or worried, for example she says something funny or a joke.
    BY: Alba Ortega.

  10. My close friend is my cousin Christian. He is ver cheerful and competitive but he isn't ambitious. He is very generous with me and I trust him.
    We started been close friends two years ago. I didn't see it very often but I speak with him every day by whatsapp.
    He is 19, he is very tall and slim. He has got brown short hair and brown eyes. If I have a problem he always help me.
    He is the best cousin and friend that someone can have.
    For all this things he is my close friend :)

    Unai Bellido

  11. Daniel Ruales is my teammate and my closefriend.
    I trust him so tell him all my secrets.
    He is friendly, funny and very competitive.
    He is tall and slim, he has brown and short hair, brown eyes.
    He is very at athletics and want to overcome him

  12. He is tall with blond hair and smooth at the beginning is a little shy but when you meet him is very kind.

    I met him when it was my cousin's birthday and we were playing

    since then we maintain a great relationship for me is one of my best friends