Thursday 21 March 2019

Frankestein by 2A

2nd ESO students have been listening and reading the story of Frankestein by Mary Shelley. This interesting story divided in ten chapters and adapted by BBC Learing English has driven students to the life and death of Doctor Frankestein and the creature that he created. 

After that they have created newspaper covers and a time line of events. The project is shown in their classroom and you can see photos of their work.


  1. Hi!
    I am Nayara of 2A.
    I did this project ,and it was great!

    I knew a little about the Frankenstein history but I didn´t heard it ,but now I know a lot of this interesting history.My group was great and this activitie was very interesting.

    I hope you like it.

  2. Hello,I´m Paula from 2ªA
    At the biginning,I don´t like the history but at the end I liked becouse is more interesting.
    I liked the activity of Frankestein becouse I leern about this history becouse I didn´t rememeber.
    And the timeline activity was very interesting and funny.

  3. Hello! My name is Alice, from 2A.
    In my opinion, this activity has been interesting. I have discovered a lot of new things about Frankenstein. Therefore, I will do more activities like that one.

  4. Hello I`m Aitana
    I really liked doing this work because the Frankenstein histoy was so funny and interesting.I also had a great time with my friends when I was doing this proyect.

  5. Hello I'm Paola of 2°A
    For me the activity has been very cool,becouse I learned a lot of the story and the activity of the timeline has been very interested.
    I liked much.

  6. Hii, I'm Sara from 2A
    This work has been great.
    I have learned many things and I have also heard the story of Frankenstein, I thought it was a very entertaining activity. The best at the moment.

    Goodbye, see you soon!!!!

  7. Hello I`m Estefania
    I liked the activity because I discovered new things in the history of Frankenstein  that I didn't know and it was very entertaining.

  8. Hi, I'm Daniela from 2A.
    This activity is not that I liked it very much, since I did not know very much about history. But group work is what I liked the most, since it was fun.
    But the activity after all has not been so bad.

  9. hello I am Miguel angel of 2ºA and when doing this work I did not know anything but I am entertained more than usual as of the days

  10. I never heard anything about the story of Frankenstein but with this activity I learnt more vocabulary while the podcast was narrating the stor, also I liked doing de portrait.