Sunday 26 February 2023

Festivals around the World


It seems every country has one major event on the annual calendar that claims to trump all others. There are massive music festivals, country-wide water fights, religious festivals, and so much more. Always a good way to get under the skin of a different country and experience a unique slice of local culture.

These are the projects by 3rd ESO students.


  1. Hi! It's Begoña. You should post a comment saying:
    - Which festival you think is the most interesting or attractive to visit and why
    - What have you learnt?
    Remember to identify yourself!

  2. Hi im Iker. The most interesting festival is Saint Patricks Day because you can do tipical things. I learn Saint Patricks history and more interesting things.

  3. For me, the most interesting festival is San Fermín or the Day of the Dead, since I really like the danger of being followed by not very happy bulls, and also the feeling that the Day of the Dead produces. Those are definitely my favorites.
    And, in this work I have learned different types of festivals in different cultures and what those festivals mean for the inhabitants of that country.
    I'm Kevin

  4. Hi, I'm Yeray.
    Which festival you think is the most interesting or attractive to visit and why?
    The festival that most attracts me is San Fermín because of the bullfights that I find interesting and fun.
    What have you learned?
    I have learned things about different countries and parties that I did not even know existed

  5. Hi, I am Diana Guasti from 3ºESO. In my opinion de festival most interesting is Diwali festival of lights because the lights are so pretty and the children do something for their families. I also like Chinese new year because it is very interesant and I have learned a lot in this job, I did Chinese new year.

  6. Hi I am Candela. I think the most interesting festival is Río Janeiro Carnival because It’s a very funny and colorful festival.
    With this project I learn many interesting things about festivals. And also I learn the dates and the types of clothes that people wear in the festivals.

  7. Hi, I'm Lidia from 3ºA.
    The festival that I would like to visit is the Day of the Dead in Mexico because I liked it a lot.
    In this job I have learned many new things and I have known festivals that I did not know before.

  8. Hi! It's Alexandra.
    I think the most interesting festival is the Chinese New Year becouse it's different from normal and the history I found it very interesting.
    I've learned that it doesn't start at the beggining of the year, that are ceremonies in honor of gods, and that there are symbols that represents different things.

  9. Hi! I'm Nerea, 3A.
    In my opinion the most interesting festival is the Chinese New Year because it seems really funny and stunning. I'm so interested in that lions and dragons' dances.
    I've learnt that in China the red color gives good luck and prosperity.

  10. Hi I’m Catalina Jiménez.
    For me the most interesting festival is El Día de los Muertos because in my opinion it's a celebration with a very beautiful meaning and because is a family celebration. With all this presentations i’ve learn a lot about other cultures and traditions.

  11. Hi! It's Lucía from 3ºA. I think the most interesting festival to visit is the Diwali Festival of Lights because I think that the tradition it's very cool and I would love to try all of that food.
    I've learned that there is a lot of different traditions all over the world you can learn from.

  12. Sharon Carbonero 3A
    I feel that the one that interested me the most was the one in Brazil, I would like to go to Brazil and see what carnival is like there, I think it is a party that they work hard to make it go well and people enjoy it a lot
    I've learned from parties I didn't know existed like Nottin hill

  13. Hi! In my opinion, the most interesting festival is Día de los Muertos. I think it’s really beautiful how they paint their faces.
    I didn’ t know that they used to dedicate an entire month to this festival and nowadays it’s celebrated on November 1st and 2nd.

  14. Hi, I'm Arturo
    The most interesting festival is the one in Brazil. It has some very big festivals and with many striking colors. I have learned that in each part of the world carnival is celebrated in a different way

  15. Hi,

    My name is Álvaro. In my opinion, Notting Hill Carnival is one of the best options because it takes place in London and I love this city. What draws my attention is the cultural mix and the costumes that you can see. It is very colourful and the atmosphere is great.

    Besides, I also like it since children can also take part in these parades with their friends and family. I have to say thank you to my classmates because I've learnt many new things about Notting Hill Carnival, for example, I didn' know that there was a percussion band competition or that the inspiration of the festival was taken from Caribbean countries.

    So, If I had the opportunity to go, I'd definitely go!

  16. Hi, I"m a Yeiner in 3°ESO and the festival that seemed most interesting to me and that I would like to visit is Bastille Day since it has a very interesting and moving history, I have learned many things and I liked doing this work.