Wednesday 1 March 2023

My favourite school day


Write a blog post about your favourite day of the school week. 1º A students write their posts.


  1. My favourite day is Tuesday, because I don´t have maths and language.
    In the afternoon I have biology and Tecnology for life .
    I don´t have activities and homework in the evening

  2. My name is Alejandro and my favourite day is Thursday because I don't have maths and Language.

    My favourite subject is ICT. And on thursday I do ICT.

    In the afternoon the school I have swwiming in the Ribera.In the night I watch TV and before Igo to the bed.

  3. Hello my name is Luna.
    My favourite day is Thursday because I don't have maths and lenguagge and I don't like them.My favourite subjet is PE.
    The class strarts at 8:00 and finish at 2:00.In the afternoon I do homework and then I help in my mum's cafe.
    At night I go home about 9:00.Then I see the moblie phone and sleep.

  4. My name is Beatrice
    My favorite day of the school is Thusday. It's my favorite day because I don't have maths, English and language. My school stars at 8:00 and finishes at 2:00.
    On Thusday I have: PE, History, Biology, Tecnology and ICT.
    My favorite class is PE because it's very fun and I have this at 10:00.
    After school I don't have other activities but I do my homework. After that, I whatch TV with my family.


  5. My favourite day at school week is Thursday. At first class we have free time, then we have ICT, it´s cool and interesting because we use the laptops.
    Afetr the break, we have P.E, I also like it but it`s not enough because I`m too lazy, but our teacher is funny and makes the classes fun. Then it´s history, for me this one is interesting because we learn new things and discover curious things.
    Then our other break, after we have biology, I like it because our teacher teaches very good and makes the class easier and also interesting. And when I`m at home and finish my homework, I listen to music or write.

  6. I like this day because is the last of the week we have to go to school, I also like Friday because at 8:00 am we start the school, and we have maths. Then at 10:05 we have art, but I don't like this subject. The school finishes at 2:00 pm.
    After school I have a football training and I love it because I see my friends and at the weekend I play a football match.
    When I finish the training, we all take a shower, then I go to my house and I have dinner. When I finish dinner I play videogames. END.

  7. Hello my name Iratxe.

    My favourite school day of school week is Thursday. At my school, we start classes at 8-00 am.
    The Thursday i have ICT and tecnology...

    We finish school at 2-00 pm and i go home for lunch.
    At 3-00 pm i do the homewoork. At 6-00 pm i go to de park with my friends. And then i go to home with my brother.

    At 9-30 pm i have dinner with my father, mother and my brother. And after i use my telephone. At 10-30 i go to sleep

  8. zhanpeng🐣💛1 March 2023 at 13:14

    My favourite day of the school week is Thursday. At my school, we start classes at 8:00 am and on Thursdays,, our first class is Tutorships. We talk and draw in that class. After that we have ICT. We have break at 10:50 and then we have PE. I like PE because we only need play.
    We finish school at 2:00 and i go home for lunch. I usually do my extraclasse homework on Thursday because this day we don't have a lot of homework.
    Before dinner I usually watch TV or play with my laptop. In the laptop I usually play Clash Of Clans (a videogame) or what You Tube.

  9. !My favourite school day¡
    My favourite school day of the school week is Thuesday. At maty school, we start classes at 8:00 am and on Thuesday, our first class is Tutorship. Thutor ship is my second favourite subject, my first favourite class is P.E. We have ICT. We have breack at 9:50 and then we have Art. I like P.E bbecause our teacher is realy funny and we finish achool at 14:00.