Friday 6 May 2016

Fantasy Island

Students from 2A have been working on a project named Fantasy Island. In this project they had to create an imaginary island, situate it geographically with a compass and draw the island in a real place...

They also made a list of 10 things you can do in the island and invented a creature that lives in the island.

The students created in groups five islands:

      Mobile Island
      Toys Island
      Dancing Island
      Video Games Island
      Sugar Island

In the end, they presented their work to the rest of the class.


  1. Hello, I´m Araceli Escudero from 2ºA ESO.
    I love all the islands, but my favourite is the Sugar Island,because I love sweets, and the 10 things you can do on this island

  2. Hi, I'm Samuel from 2A,

    I want to live in sugarland, because I really like sweets and chocolate, I think that there it be really big and funny. Also I like the pig-rabbit-eagle animal.

    Bye bye.

  3. Hi, I'm Maria Rincon for 2ºA ESO,
    I thing that I choose the sugar and mobile island, because I like a lot of apps for the mibile and love a lot the sugar. But all the island are very funny and insteresting. I like do this job because I can create all my dreams.


  4. Hi I' Samuel from 2A,

    If I got to choose an island to live, i choose SUGARLAND, because I really like sweets and chocolate and also the pig-rabbit-eagle animal.


  5. Hello my name is Santi,I´m of 2AºESO.
    I like the video games island because I like the games,is very interesting and they are entertaining.

  6. Hello I´m Alejandro Jiménez from 2ºA ESO.
    I would like to live in the movil island because it´s more funny than other ones. I do like island, my favourite island is Menorca and movil island is soo look alike Menorca. Its beauty sunny in the summer, full of joung people and there are too many things to do in the islands for the turist.
    I hate humming bird; It´s forbiden for humming birds too get into the island.

  7. This activity was awesome, since we had to create a world/island of our dreams or where we wanted to live ~
    Anyways from all of them, I'd like to visit the Dancing Island.
    Because dance is also something magical & when you've a nice partner even better! so I'll go with that.

  8. Hello,my name is sheila.I am from 2ºA ESO.
    My group we creaated the island,THE SUGAR LAND.
    I woudl live in MOBILE ISLAND,because is very fantastic and pretty.

  9. Hello I am Eva from 2ºA
    I like life in Mobile Island, because in my opinion this island was very interesting. Also the diferens parts were apps you can use in your mobile. I liked this apps and the things you could in the apps.

  10. Hi, I'm Juan I. Mendoza from 2º ESO.
    The islands of my class are very good. My favourite island is Viedo Games Island because I like a lot the games and I would like that in the world exist this island.
    All the island are very nice !!!


  11. Hello I am Pablo from 2ºA
    if I lived in one of this islands I choose "The sugarland" because you can eat what ever you want

  12. Hello I'm Alejandra from 2 ESO
    I would like to live in mobile island because I love the mobile and I use a lot of and I would like to live in the sugar island because I like eat sweets...

  13. Hi I am Alberto from 2ª I like this experience because is great.

  14. Hi.I´m Brisa from 2ºA
    I would like to live on the island of mobile because I like social networks and would be cool to do all activities

  15. Hi, I am Iván from 2ºA. I think this work has been very entertaining because we have done it in teams.

  16. Hello I'm Cristina of 2A ESO.
    The Works of my partners are fantastic I like all of them.
    Bit the iland where I want to live is in the Mobile island because I always use my mobilephone and because the presentación was very cool.

  17. Hello I am Ainhoa from 21A
    Im from the group of sugar island and if I had to choose where living I say the mobile island because its very cool.

  18. Hi I´m Adrian of 2 A e.s.o
    I would like to,live in the mobile island because is very awesome.

  19. Hello, I'm Paola from 2A. I'd like to live in Mobile Island because I like it. I have my mobile to do a lot of things and I use it everyday.

  20. Hello, I'm Florentina from 2ºA. I would like to live in the sugar land because there would not find anything that doesn't taste good.

  21. Hello, I'm Natalia from 2°A
    I would like to live in the mobyle island because I love the tecnology.