Thursday 1 October 2015

English Language Teaching Assistant

Desde el 1 de octubre contamos en el colegio con un auxiliar de conversación en las clases de secundaria.

 La Consejería de Educación proporciona un auxiliar de conversación, un profesor nativo de habla inglesa a todos los centros escolares riojanos que participan en Proyectos de Innovación Lingüística en Centros (PILC).

Al colegio Salesiano Los Boscos llega de nuevo Penelope de León, americana del estado de Virginia en Estados Unidos. 

Penelope vuelve por tercer año al colegio. Al igual que los cursos anteriores vendrá al colegio doce horas a la semana y trabajará la expresión oral con alumnos de secundaria y FP Dual y los profesores implicados en los proyectos PILC.



  1. Hello, I'm María Rincón to 2ºA ESO.
    I like the class with Penelope because I learn a lot of with she and is very interentig old the think that she talk in class.


  2. Hi! I'm Itziar of 3 ºA. The classes with Penelope are incredible. How lucky we are to have you. Bye bye

  3. Hi! I'm from 2º ESO.
    This is a fantastic opportunity to lear English.
    Welcome again Penelope

  4. Hello I am Araceli, from 2ºA ESO.
    Wellcome Penelope! I have learned many things about the United States, and it was very interesting . I hope that this year you would teach us many things more.
    Good bye.

  5. Hello I' m Juan and I' m in secod of secundary. I' m very happy because Penelope is back again. I learn a lot and I have a great time.


  6. Hi I am Alejandra ,
    Welcome ,Penelope you are a god teacher because you speaking English very well and you are very friendly.I love your classses.Today I stay with you in your class ,this class is fantastic and fun .
    see you soon

  7. Hi I am Amina Batool, from 2º E.S.O
    Welcome again Penelope! Classes with you are fun and the most enjoyable thing is that we can speak in class, learn new words and also how to pronounce them.I love U.S and it is really intersting for me to know about it's culture.
    We can play games or to watch movies in english.

  8. Hi I am Alvaro Pascual,from 3°A.Welcomeagain Penelope!Clases with you to learn culture,sports,celebrations...We can play games and watch movies. Thakns

  9. Hi! My name is África to 3°A.
    Welcome Penelope!
    Y love your clases because are so funny. I learn a lot of culture of USA.
    I think we can play games.
    Bye bye

  10. Hello I'm Manuel from 4ºESO
    Welcome Penelope, I'm very happy because we are going to do different activities in your classes.
    I like learning about you and your country.
    Your summer was fantastic and I want to learn new things with you.
    See you next wednesday

  11. Hello I´m Brisa,from 2ºA E.S.O
    Welcome Penelope!, I am delighted to see you again. Thank you for teaching us about United States, its culture, its traditions. I hope that this time with us you enjoy many

  12. Hi I am Alberto from 2º E.S.O.
    Great to have you back Penelope. English classes are great with you because you show us many things about your country and your personal experiences. We learn a lot of things with you. You help us to improve our English and you make classes very funny.
    I would like to go some day where you live in the United States.
    I am very glad you came to our school.

  13. Hello, I´m Cristina from 2º ESO.
    I am very happy to have you as a teacher another year. I love your classes, because you teach us about your country, your culture, your personal experiences...You make very interesting, funny and nice our classes. I´m sure that I´ll learn a lot of einglish this year, thaks for been here again.

  14. Hello, I'm Ismael from 4ºESO.
    Welcome back Penelope!!!
    The classes with you are interesting and we learn lots of things about the USA.
    This is my last year in the high school and I'll take advantage of your classes.
    See you.

  15. Hello I´m Alejandro from 3A of ESO . the class with Penelope is incredible with he we learned the dates about the USA an the other english contruies what I don´t know in my life and she is an amazing teacher what help and make the classes are differet . In the next cllass we can doing a work in groups , see an english film and singing a lot of english music .

  16. Hi I'm Alberto Escalona from 4º E.S.O

    I like your classes because we learn a lot of english.
    In your classes I would like to play different games about the USA.
    I think we are going to learn a lot of things in your classes this year.

    Thank you for coming Penelope.

  17. Hello, I'm Florentina from 2 A .
    Thanks to all who have made possible this experience and thanks first to you Penelope!
    We are sure that will be very helpfull.
    See you soon.

  18. HELLO, I´m Natalia from 2ºA.
    Thank you very much for giving us this great opportunity.
    Is an English learning froma further.

  19. Hello, I'm Samuel from 2 A .
    I'm feel happy because the American teacher came back, it's Penelope.
    Thank's for give us this oportunattely.

    Be happy

  20. Hello, I´m Pablo from 2 A
    Welcome Penelope ! I am very happy to see you again
    I like very much your classes because are very interesting
    That you have a godd year and see you soon

  21. Hello I'm Asier Cabrera from 4ºESO.
    I think that classes with Penelope, are more fun and better understand the English language because she from USA and she have a good pronunciation.Finally, I would like to know more about their city.

  22. Hi,I´m Santi from 2 A ESO.
    Penelope I´m very happy that you are with us another year, I loved your trip to United States,what I liked most was the of the ballpark
    I hope you continue more years but with us.

  23. Hi , I'm Mari Jose from 2 A ESO .
    I ' happy becouse Penelope is with us again
    I love you classes becouse are fantastic
    Bye ;)

  24. Hello my name is Adelina Abazova from 3°A ESO.The class that we had with Penelope was very interesting and funny.We learn a lot of with Penelope.I am very happy becouse Penelope is with us this year.Thank you Penelope.

  25. Hello I´m Laura from 2º ESO.
    Welcome Penelope! I think that classes with Penelope are very funny and I learn a lot of.

  26. Hi! I´m Cristina De Juan from 3ºA E.S.O.
    Welcome Penelope, I really like Penelope classes because they are really funny and learn many things with her.

  27. Hello I am Camila from 2°A.Welcome again to our school! We are very happy because your classes are fun and learn a lot. We like learn from your country, it is very nice.Thank you!

  28. Hello! I enthusiastic to see you again and stay in your fantastic classes.
    We learn lots of useful and funny things with you, but I think that this year you can show more things about your awesome country and its culture.

  29. Hi! I’m from 3ºESO.
    Welcome back Penelope!
    I'm excited because we can learn what you teach us in a different way: With photos, games and lot of more things.
    I think we can work sometimes in couples or groups and also we can sing a lot of karaokes

  30. Hi! I'm Sofia from 4° ESO.
    I'm very happy of Penelope's return. I have lerned many things about her trip and I hope to learn more things whit her this year.

  31. Hello, I´m Marina from 3ºA.
    Welcome again Penelope!
    I´m really excited with your classes because we can learn a lot with you one year more.

  32. Hello! I'm Andrea Márquez from 3ºESO.
    Welcome Penelope. We are excited to have you back here with us.Thank you for the fun activities in class and make them as participatory. Thank you very much for being here another year and hope you can come every year, you do the classes very fun and entertaining.

  33. Hi, I'm Alex Iacob from 4°.
    Welcome to our school another year, Penelope!! I'm very happy that you have come again after your fantastic summer to teach us a lot of things about USA and its culture. I hope you feel fine with us and have a good experience as you did last year. See you!!

  34. Hello! I'm Paola 2º E.S.O.
    Penelope welcome back !!
    I am very happy to become penelope.Con that she learn many things from the United States and its culture

  35. Hi im David, 3rd of ESO.
    Welcome again Pene!
    In this year I wana do a lotof things with you.
    You are fantastic!

  36. Hi, I am Carmen Santamaría from 4ºESO
    I am very happy because you are here with us:).
    I have enjoied a lot with you last year and I think that this year I am going to enjoy too.
    I loved all the places that you have visited this summer.

  37. Hello!, I´m Angela from 1ºA ESO
    I´m verry happy with you in my school.
    I think that this year we are going to enjoy like last year did.
    I like all the power points you make and also the activities.
    I think that work in couples is funnier than work alone.

  38. Hello! I'm Alex Chereches from 4ºESO
    We're glad that you are with us one more year!
    I'm happy that you can be with us, so we can learn more things, about your country
    and about the language, I hope you feel good with us!
    See you next Wendsday!

  39. Hi I'm Andrea from 4ºESO
    I'm glad we can have you here one more time because we learn lots of things about your culture that books don't teach. Last year we had a lot of fun with you and I'm sure that we're gonna do lots of interesting activities this year.
    Thank you for coming!

  40. Hi I'm Acha from 4 °Eso.
    I'm happy because penelope comes back, his classes are fuenniest and more interesting.
    I can learn a lot of inglish vocabulary when Penelope talks.

  41. Hi , I'm Larisa.
    Classes with Penelope are fun, we learn a lot and we do interesting activities with her.
    I like when she told us about what did she do on summer

  42. Hi, I'm Elizabeth from 4º ESO.
    Welcome back, Penelope!
    I'm very happy to have classes with you this year too, because I enjoy learning the things you teach us about the USA. I hope this year we can learn as much as last year.

  43. Hi! I'm Melanie of 3A eso.
    I'm very happy because you come again another year with us. You do that we learn a lot of things about United States and you do the classes so funnies. I think that this year we have to do a karaoke or we have to meet english people and get along with them,we will learn a lot!

  44. Hi! I´m Daniela from 3ºESO
    I am glad to be one year more with us Penelope! and hopefully it will be as interesting and fun as last year.
    What I like most are the photos and powerpoints that you teach us about your city. The customs, traditions, cultures... that provide us lots of interesting information.
    Welcome a year more!! and hopefully not be the last

  45. Hi! I´ m Sheila from 2º A ESO.
    Thanks for coming to teach.We are very pround of you.Bye :)

  46. Hi Penelope i'm Julian from 2B* ESO

    the classes and you are very interesting and i hope to stay until the end of the course

  47. Hello I´m Javier Torres from 3A. I´m very happy because Penelope is hear again and I love meet the states of USA and I love her classes too. I hope you come again next year. WELCOME!!

  48. Hello,I´m Biemil of 3ºESO.
    Welcome again Penelope!I am very happy to have you as a teacher another year. I love your classes,its so funny,I learned a lot of your family and your country.I think that this year we are going to enjoy like last year did. :)

  49. Hi my name is Daniel from 3 A.
    I'm very happy because Penelope is back again in aour school. She's a great person and very funny . With she we can learn a lot fo english and also we can learn the traditions of America.
    This year i like doing something diferent than others years.
    We can sing a karaoke or we can invanted a song in english .

  50. Hello Penelope, Im Lucas from 4º ESO.
    I'm very happy to have you in our school again.
    I hope to learn very much with you this year.
    See you in class :D

  51. Hi. I´m. Walter 2B, I want to welcome you to the school and thanks for being here and teach us much about english, where your classes are very interesting.

  52. hi! my name is Amanda Pascual 4eso
    Welcome Penelope!!
    The class with her are very interesant and funny.
    I learned a lot of thinghs with Penelope.Thanks!!!

  53. Hello! I am Mica Medina from 3ºB .
    Welcome back Penelope! I not long ago that I know Penelope but it is very good teacher there are things that if I understand it and others not but always helps me to understand what I don't know.<3 A kiss , greetings

  54. Hello Penelope, I´m Hernan from 3ºB.
    I am very happy that have returned to the College to teach us, I hope that another year you come also and me guta we make games with you, when you go to washington we guta who would teach us what. A greeting :)

  55. Hi, I'm Christian from 3A
    It was so amazing know how Penelope happened her holidays in the USA and is too amazing know that she will still showing to us.
    Thank you.

  56. Hi, I'm Unai from 3oA
    Was so great see what she did
    Thank you, bye

  57. Hi, I'm Sergio López from 4º ESO.
    Welcome, last year the classes with you were very funny and we learned a lot about the U.S.A.

  58. Hello, my names is Saif from 4º ESO
    I'm happy that you're back with us another year, and sure to be fun classes that you give us, like last year were great.

    Thank you Penelope

  59. hi I am Alejandro Alvarez from 2A penelope is good for practice the lenguage the classroom for 1 day with penelope 1 day with begoña