Monday 26 October 2015

My best friend

Students from 3th Secondary have written profiles of their best friends, some of them have been friends for a long time. They are very good pieces of work. Have a look at them!


  1. Hi i'm Daniel from 3-A.
    He hates doing sport because he thinks that it is difficult and tiring.
    He is 14 years old .
    He onlu likes playing videogames con the computer por playstation .
    I like very much the photo of Daniela and Javier Cadarso because is funny.

  2. Hi I´m Adelina Abazova from 3ºESO A.
    My mistakes are:
    -We don´t see each other every day because she goes to another school and her house isn´t near my house.
    She is very interesting an fun but she isn´t very serious. I like being with her because we talk about a lot of things.
    -Our lives are similar because we are from Bulgaria but we have lived un Spain 5 years too.
    I like my classmates works because are very funny and interesting.

  3. We usually stay together with other friends. Although, her house is very far from mine, so we hardly ever meet in our respective houses. Every friday we and other friends go for a walk around Logroño. We love talking avout gossips of the school.

    I laugh a lot with her and with the things that she tells me. She is always prepared to listen to her friends and she doesn't hesitate help yours. Also, she love going shopping and going out for a meal with her friends.

    But Daniela has some bad things.
    Also, the things that people say about her affect her a lot and this isn't good. But she is an incredible person and best friend.

  4. Hi I´m Cristina De Juan from 3ºA.
    My mistakes are:
    - We met when we were two little girls.
    - She is pretty too.
    - But I love her equal.
    - Going to the disco and playing computer games althought she is sometimes very lazy and likes to relax.

  5. Hello, I´m Marina from 3ºA.
    My mistake is:
    We are always together and sometimes we go on holiday together, but we also argue.

  6. He always hangs out on Saturdays

  7. Hi , I'm Larisa and my mistakes are:
    - She lives approximately 5 minutes *from my house.
    - We *always laugh

  8. Hello my name is Alejandro Crespo from 3A .
    He´s fourteen years old and he´s short with black eyes and short black hair . He lives in Logroño and we go to he same Scholl called Los Boscos in the Múgica Street . Alvaro loves sport an action films like the saga Fast an Furious which is one of his favourite.
    He loves playing football sometimes in the yard . He likes the summer because he hates the school and some subjects . Alvaro is very sociable and funny , he makes a lot of jokes
    with a person without knowing . THis him is my best friend , he is funny and can be a little crazy and daring but forme he is like a brother of adventures .
    I really like this work because we teach that beatiful and important is the friendship

  9. Hi I´m Laura from 3 Aº.
    -It is my favourite series too.

  10. Hi, I'm Christian from 3oESO A and my mistakes are that I confuse sometimes the verbs in past simple and the verbs in past continuous, to the next writing I will try do it better and don't wrong.

  11. Hi! I'm from 3ºA ESO.
    My mistakes are:
    1. She likes dancing and she's good at Art, Biology and Geology.
    2. It's great because we often read the same books and later we can talk about them.
    I really like the photo of Daniela and Javier Cadarso and the photo of Marina and Laura when they were small.

  12. Hi I'm África Escudero from 3º ESO. My mistakes are:
    -She's 14 years old
    -The same as me I am stay with her
    -She goes trains voleyball
    -She trained basketball
    -She also like watching films and TV programme.
    Bye bye

  13. . We took the same bus and went and came back together to school
    . Although we see in the school and we continue meeting together
    . Because in friendship what matters are the small details that make a very special person such as Ingrid for me

  14. Hi I`m Álvaro Pascual from 3ºESO A.
    -He is very good at English lenguage.
    It`s funny the drawing of the Javier Cadarso.

  15. Hi I'm Javier Torres from 3A
    -I watch him sometimes at the weekend
    -He's fun and don't like studying
    -He likes electronic music and sport
    -He plays basketball
    -When he starts talking he never stop

  16. Hi I'm Itziar of 3 ESO
    She is always positive.

  17. Hi I'm Iván Quintana from 3*A ESO. My mistakes are: In his free time he goes cycling or he stays on the sofa watching TV. He loves listening to music. The type of music that he likes is ska and raeggetonne. He doesnt play any instrument. He hates drawing or doing anything with his hands. I dont know if he likes studying. He makes me laught.

  18. Hi, I´m Andrea Márquez from 3º ESO.
    My mistakes are: Shouldered-hair as me. She´s good at all the subjets although she doesn´t like Maths. If you are worried about something. She´s very nervous.

  19. Hey I'm Melanie from 3°A ESO
    -Because he had to leave Logroño
    -He's very funny, hard worker
    -Victor is a kind
    -He hate Maths
    -We talk every day
    -I can talk with him about everything
    -He isn't good at everything
    -When we are together we get into trouble

  20. I am Miguel from 3a
    - She dances for
    - To practices the choir
    - In her free time she likes listening
    -she helps you

  21. Hi! I´m Diego Rodriguez from 3ºA
    -He is friendly and share hobbies whit him
    -So he does get
    -we sometime play