Friday 2 October 2015

Writing skills practice: cómo escribir una postal: How to write a postcard

A postcard from England

A continuación os vamos a mostrar cómo escribir postales en inglés.

Se supone que una postal es enviada a un amigo o familiar por lo que ésta es informal.

Recomendaciones a seguir:
  • Usa contracciones (We're, It's)
  • Comienza la postal a un amigo con "Dear..." o "Hi" y acaba con "See you soon, Love, Write soon, Best wishes"
  • Utiliza varios adjetivos, como por ejemplo "beautiful, amazing,awful, famous"
  • Cuidado tu "Spelling" y gramática.
  • Usa mayúsculas para comenzar la frase después de un punto.
  • Usa "exclamation marks" (!) para dar más énfasis a la frase. Recuerda que en inglés SÓLO se usa al final de la frase, al igual que las interrogativas.
  • Está bien que uses el verbo "have got" para hablar sobre las cosas que puede tener un lugar.
  • Además puedes incluir "There is/are" y preposiciones para describir el lugar.

Writing plan:

  • Write a greeting and start your postcard:
                   Where are you writing from?
  • Write about the town or city
                  What special places has the city got?
                  What can you see? what can you do? (Use have got and there is/there are)
  • Finish your card and check your punctuation, spelling and grammar.

¿Te animas a escribir a tu amigo/a? Puedes hacerlo en "comentarios"

Come on!


  1. Hi Oscar
    I stay in Galicia next day.
    We stay in a house with my friend Luis.
    We stay in the acuarium and in the house of the sciens.
    We stay wiht two girl and this girls stay in my scool in infantil.
    I saw the film jurasic wall and scary movie.
    It sunny every days.
    See you soon.


  2. Hi Laura !
    Thise year we can go to Barcelona.
    I know than we stayed in Barcelona two years ago .That was beautiful .
    there are lot of things to do !

    For example : they can go to the beach because it´s going to be hot.
    in Barcelona we can make amazing photos whit people having especial clothes, in " Las Ramblas "
    Barcelona has a lot of things to visit too.
    do you want to see Barcelona whit me ?

    I wish talk to you soon.

    Alba Ortega xx

  3. Hi Rebeca!

    I´m having a good time in London.
    Yesterday I went to the London Eye, today I´m going to visit the Science museum and tomorrow I will visit Harrods and Hamleys.
    I´m in a hotel in front of the BIG BEN.
    I go back next saturday.
    Are you having a good time in France?

    See you soon

    Angela xxxx

  4. Hi Ángela
    I'm with muy cousins in Port Aventura.We have a good time.
    We're very happy in the Shambala,I love it.Yesterday I saw Calum Heaslip with his friends and he gave me two tikets for his concert we'll golo tomorrow!
    See you soon Marina xxx.

  5. Hi Sara!
    I´m in Madrid with my parents and my brother. It´s a great summer!
    Last week we visited the Prado museum and Real Palace of Madrid.
    We´re stay in a hotel near the squaqre.
    Madrid is very beautiful! It´s very hot!

    Are you having good summer in London?

    Se you soon

    Rebeca XXX

  6. Hi Ricardo
    I'm in Peñíscola with my parent's and my brother
    I go to the beach.
    I go to Port Aventura only with my dad because my mum is scare
    I have a good summer!
    And you?

    Ser you soon

    Iker Estebas ;D

  7. Hi Samuel
    I'm in Romania with my parents.
    Yesterday I went to the beach with my cousin, the water was cool,
    it was fantastic.
    We stay in a hotel for one week and the with my grandparents.

    You must come to Romania is very beautiful
    See you soon


  8. Hi Victor,
    I write from Salou. It is very beautiful !!
    There are a lot of hotels and beaches. Much hot!!
    There is a small beach with very clean water near the hotel.
    I'm very lucky!!
    What are you doing in Valencia?

    See you soon

    Fernando x

  9. Hi Unai ,
    I write from Lanzarote.
    I stay in the big castle hotel it´s very beatiful.
    In monday I went to green cave and in the final was an amazin surprise.
    Next day I went to the Timanfaya volcan it´s very big and beautiful, in the volcan I was eat fish in the steam of the volcan.
    The beaches are amazing.
    What are you doing in Logroño?

    Bye Bye .

    Javier xxx.